At-home Guide to Pest Prevention

Encountering pests in your home is inevitable. However, there are many ways to rid your house of these annoying little critters. Researching and understanding your pests, maintaining and cleaning in and around your house, and hiring a pest control expert are all ways to combat these little invaders. 

Ask Questions and Research

First, you should understand what you are dealing with. Research and ask questions to fully understand the severity of the situation. Some situations might call for a professional exterminator while others can be fixed by easy cleaning and simple maintenance. If the situation calls for pest control, ask questions on what to do yourself to combat the small menaces to your home. 

Maintaining and Cleaning

As previously mentioned, maintaining your home and keeping it clean are fantastic at-home pest prevention methods. Below are some quick and easy ways to maintain and clean your home.  

  • Make sure that there is no leakage or damp/moist places that entice insects or other small animals. 
  • Also, make sure that food is sealed and put away. 
  • Always read labels to know where food needs to be kept. 
  • Clean up messes that can be havens for little critters. 
  • Make sure to seal up cracks, crevices, or holes that something might crawl into. 
  • Continuous cleaning and washing are always important. 

Contact the Experts

Sometimes, the situation calls for a professional. Basic prevention methods do not always work and that is okay. In these instances, contacting a trusted pest control expert is important. Make sure that what the expert is using is safe and effective. Luckily, Lu-Crest Pest Control are dependable experts who get the job done. 

Here at Lu-Crest, we understand that your home is important. We get the job done so that you can have the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Visit for more information.