The Safest Pesticide for your Home

Having an infestation is never what you want in your home. Although having an exterminator rid your home of pests is the best solution, it is okay to have concerns about the safety of the pesticides and what they could potentially do to you and your family. Some concerns you might have are what exactly are pesticides, what is the difference between water and oil-based solutions, and lastly what is the safest to be used in my home?

What are Pesticides?

Pesticides are reactionary measures to end pests. Pesticides are a mixture of chemicals intended to destroy pests or harmful plants; they get rid of nuisances and keep them away. Pesticides are potentially harmful if used recklessly. Leaving it to the experts is the safest option. Most pest control experts use either water or oil-based solutions for their pesticides. 

Water-based vs. Oil-based

Water and oil-based solutions are the two different kinds of pesticides that are widely used. Lu-Crest uses a water-based solution for its pesticides. Water-based solutions dry fast and have little odor. This prevents potentially harmful contact and is family and pet safe. Oil bases solutions stain and are hard to remove, harmful to the environment, and stick around for a long time. Oil-based solutions sacrifice safety for effectiveness. 

The biggest difference between water and oil-based is the chemical concentration. The higher the concentration, the more harmful it is. Higher chemical concentrations are also the reason oil-based take longer to dry out. Although this might be good for exterminating pests, it could lead to potential health risks and unforeseen damage down the road. 

What is the Safest Option for Me?

Safety is the number one concern for many pest control experts, especially for Lu-Crest Pest Control. The experts at Lu-Crest use a water-based solution for their pest control pesticide. Water-based solutions, as said previously, are safer than oil. However, oil is still used by many pest control experts. Understanding what kind of pesticide the pest control expert you choose uses is important. 

If you want a safe and effective pest control expert in your home, visit Lu-Crest at to view our pricing and packages. Keep yourself safe and protected with Lu-Crest.