Travel and Bedbugs

Greetings! Bedbugs are on the rise. Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers and can fit into the tiniest of places. Which means bedbugs can easily be taken to and from places. Its the holidays, which means traveling to visit with family and friends. Bedbugs are attracted to blood, sweat and carbon dioxide not to dirt and filth, so even the cleanest lodging can provide a home for them. Remember they are excellent hitchhikers. Here are some tips if you plan on lodging somewhere.

• All luggage needs to stay off the floor ( we put ours in the tub) while inspecting the room. You can place it in a trash bag during your stay.

• pull back the top sheet look for smears usually brownish or red on the sheets or pillowcases

• Inspect behind the headboard and in any chair or sofas in the room because bedbugs follow sweat and carbon dioxide.

• If you see or suspect any bedbugs in your hotel notify management and either request a different room or establishment. Make sure the room is not adjacent to, directly above or below the suspected bedbug infested room.

• Once you return home, before taking your luggage inside inspect it for any bedbugs. Before washing your clothes place them in the dryer on high for a minimum of 30 mins before the cool down cycle. Then proceed to wash and dry like normal. High heat from the dryer will kill any bedbug hitchhikers on them.

Everyone loves to travel, and you can certainly do so without the worry of bedbugs when you follow these simple guidelines to keep you and your family pest free!


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