Get Ready – Spring and Summer Pests Are Arriving in Ohio

When spring comes to North Central Ohio, warm temperatures mean winter is over.
However, this seasonal change also means more pests will be active around homes
and yards. While homeowners are excited to enjoy being outside again, ants,
termites, stinging insects, and other pests have different plans – they want to nest
and find food in and around houses.
Even if you own the nicest home on the block, you have probably dealt with pest
infestations before. It’s hard to avoid these problems completely, even if the property
is very clean and well-maintained. As a busy homeowner, the last thing you want is
to spend your free time dealing with removing pests and preventing more issues.
The good news is, by taking early action and learning about pests, homeowners can
stay ahead of the biggest spring and summer pest problems.
Ants Marching in Spring
One of the first pests to be noticed in spring is ants. Once the soil gets around 60°F,
common ant types like carpenter ants, pavement ants, and house ants start moving
again. They build new nests and search for food to prepare for the warmer season
ahead, often leading them into homes.
Ants sneak inside through even tiny cracks while foraging for:

  • Protein
  • Sweets
  • Water from leaks or condensation
    While just a nuisance at first, ants can become a big headache. Carpenter ants
    structurally damage wood over time as they burrow into it to nest. Odorous house
    ants get their stinky name from the unpleasant smell when you crush them.

At the first sign of ants, homeowners should take these steps to prevent larger

  • Seal cracks where ants enter
  • Keep kitchens clean
  • Fix moisture issues

Termite Swarmers Mean Damage
Speaking of damaging pests, termites are one of the worst yet hardest to detect
early on. Termite protection is crucial because these wood-destroying insects cause
billions in damage every year. Their tiny size and ability to secretly eat away at
structural wood from inside the walls make professional termite inspections a must
in spring. Termite swarms emerge in spring to start new colonies, often entering homes from
the ground through cracks in foundations or woodwork. While swarmers indicate
nearby termite colonies, often there are no other easily visible signs of an infestation
until significant damage has already occurred inside walls and framing.
Preventative termite treatments protect a homeowner’s most valuable asset their home. At Lu-Crest Pest Control, professionals thoroughly inspect properties and develop customized termite prevention and monitoring plans to safeguard homes for years.

Stinging Insects Bring Summer Pain
Nothing ruins a nice day outside like accidentally walking into a stinging insect nest.
Nuisance pests like ants and termites cause frustration and damage, but stinging
insects are an outright health risk to homeowners and families if they nest on the
In late spring, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets emerge to build new nests. Small
nests are easier to safely remove early before the stinging insects build up higher
populations to defend the nest site. As nests expand in summer, these territorial
insects become more aggressive if disturbed.
Stinging insects commonly nest:

  • Under decks and overhangs
  • Inside grills or utility boxes
  • Under eaves or roof lines
  • Inside walls
  • In dense bushes or ground holes
    Left untreated, stinging insects can make areas of the property unusable while
    posing serious health risks from their venomous stings for those with allergies.
    Professional nest removal and treatment is highly recommended.

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Summer Fun
Having to deal with stinging pest infestations would be bad enough on its own.
Unfortunately, Ohio’s hot, humid summers also mean prime mosquito breeding
grounds as temperatures rise. Mosquitoes thrive in any standing water around a
property like bird baths, kiddie pools, potted plant trays, and grass that doesn’t drain
well after rain.
Beyond just itchy bites, mosquitoes potentially spread illnesses like Zika virus,
encephalitis, and West Nile virus. Protecting family and guests from mosquito bites is
important. Homeowners should:

  • Eliminate all standing water
  • Use EPA-approved insect repellents
  • Limit time outside at dawn and dusk
    For serious mosquito control, professional misting systems and outdoor treatments
    provide relief all summer. Lu-Crest offers seasonal mosquito packages to turn
    outdoor spaces into true bite-free outdoor living.

Don’t Forget Other Nuisance Pests
Ants, termites, stinging insects, and mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that cause
problems around homes when it’s warm. Spiders become much more noticeable in
late spring and summer as they build webs in corners inside and outside. While most
species are just nuisances, built-up webs around entryways and windows look
Ticks that can spread Lyme disease and other illnesses are easily overlooked in
summer as they hitch rides inside on people and pets in search of food sources. Mice
and rat problems may become obvious in spring as temperatures rise.

Get Ahead With Prevention
Homeowners often feel like there’s no escaping pests in spring and summer at their
peak activity levels. However, taking simple prevention steps around the home and
yard controls and manages potential infestations.
More importantly, busy homeowners should have a reliable pest control partner to
handle problems proactively so they don’t have to. You’ve worked hard to make your
house a home – why spend free time battling ants, termites, mosquitoes, and more?
That’s where Lu-Crest Pest Control’s residential pest control programs help. We
provide a comprehensive solution to protect homes year-round from over 30
common area pests. With PestShield protection plans, prevention is simple through
affordable monthly or annual pricing for your home’s size.
Lu-Crest keeps track of scheduling regular treatments so homeowners don’t have to.
Don’t leave home pest protection to chance! Contact Lu-Crest today for a free
inspection to get long-term prevention solutions for true peace of mind.
Focus spring and summer on relaxation, not swatting pests! With 60+ years
protecting Ohio properties, Lu-Crest has solutions to make pest problems a thing of
the past.

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